Sunday, 26 February 2017

What to wear post baby

Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ’•

So after haven my beautiful little girl 9 weeks ago, and alot of my followers just had  baby's or are due there baby's soon....

Here are a few items of clothes I love just after haven a baby....

So any one who has had a baby that little saggy belly isn't very glamous just after you haven given birth.
But we can't let it get us down....

So after I've had given birth to my second princess I went to my wardrobe and said ok I no I can't fit into my old stuff just yet so what can I fit into....?

Belive it or not I did try on alot of my old stuff after given birth to see wat was comfortable and what could I wear...cause I don't know about ye but I didn't want to go out and buy a hole new wardrobe just yet.

So let's start with bottoms 
I found for myself that high-waisted jeans where the best thing for me to will hold you in when you still have that extra bit of weight around the tummy....
So what brands did I love
RIVERSLAND molly's high-waisted 

These are just two out of alot of Molly's & Lori denims I love from riversland island...
Very comfortable 

First pic is black ripped denims from PENNY'S
Middle pic are highwaisted MOLLY'S from RIVERSLAND 
Last pic is also from RIVERSLAND they are LORI

These pics are all after I've given birth

Penny's denims are also my go to 

How can you go wrong with these prices....
I wear these from PENNY'S and I absolutely love the fit.

So onto tops...
My faves places at the moment are PENNY'S TOPS & ZARA
I'm loven oversized fits just cause there are so many and you don't have to worry about showing a little bit of extra weight 
Here are some tops I've recently purchased 

Top is from ZARA I got it on sale but just to give ye an idea it's loose an I love the frill at the bottom and the colour 
Denims are highwaisted from PENNY'S 
Also PENNY'S have a similar top same colour but short sleeves for €6

All loose tops that are very affordable all these are from PENNY'S but some may not be in stock but there is always similar stock in store

From H&M €9.99 still in store and available in more colours

Here are some outfit snaps just to give ye inspiration 

Top pennys

Top H&m denims Molly's RIVERSLAND 




I hope that I can give at least one person a little inspiration this Sunday morning๐Ÿ’•

Thanks for reading
Love Melanies_bloglife 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

My Journey 

How long has it been since I've sat down and actually wrote a blog...

When I found out I was pregnant I didn't have the focus to sit down and blog, and if I'm been completely honest I do think alot of people don't read blogs they like the more visible stuff like photos, snapchat etc....

Any ways this blog is purely on my journey to given birth to my absolutely gorgeous little gift Adalynn...

Every one kept saying oh you won't go over you will have that baby before your due date which was 18/12/16
Funny enough I did go over even after getting the sweep at 38 weeks I lost my mucus plug and a few mild contractions even the doctor sad your cervix is favourable.

39 weeks I had another sweep and doctor said I'll give you 24hrs but yet again noting my baby's head was down she was just to lazy lol....

40 weeks and 3 days over another sweep the doc said your 3cm how haven't you gone into labour, 
This baby was just totally cosy and why wouldn't she be...

I was brought in at 8 o'clock on the 23/12/16 to think the ball would be rolling soon, my waters just needed to be broke nd off I should pop, 
After waiting from 10 o'clock in a ward where other mothers just given birth just been left there not even in labour myself I was totally annoyed I just wanted to go home as I have my other little girl at home and it's the day before Xmas eve...

I told the nurse "I'm going home I've been left here all day no one has come near me to explain what's going on" don't get me wrong emergency cases come true those doors all the time and these have to be seen first but all I wanted was someone to let me no what was going on and give me a time roughly.

So the doctor came down and told me they will get you around 8 o'clock and they did, so I made my way upto the labour ward got into my nitey, made myself comfortable, chatted to a doctor who was just about to finish up for abit and then my midwife to deliver my little girl started her shift...
We chatted for awhile and then she broke my waters, where I absolutely soaked her she had to go change her pants and all, totally sorry, I was then put on the drip to start my contractions, at the start I could barely feel them even laughing at one point as we all chatted in the room....I was using the ball to get things rolling it really was such a chilled out atmosphere 

I told myself I wasn't getting any pain relief as I got it on morgan and felt it didn't work and was bed bound for 6hrs, so when the contractions started to get intense just near enough to half 10, the pain was absolutely died in really didn't think I could do it, all I remember was saying I don't think I can I don't think I can lol....but all of a sudden I needed to push it all happened so fast the midwife was like she is so close by this point I was like I think I need pain killers you don't you can do it she is so close, I'm so happy I didn't get anything after about 10 mins pushing out she popped in Felt every bit of her even though she was tiny only 6.9....

At 11.17 baby Adalynn was born just under an hour I couldn't belive it...
She was here my little gift I've prayed for so long...
My midwife what can I say she was absolutely outstanding a pleasure to be around to the other midwife who covered her brake you just made me laugh...I had the most amazing experience over in the labour ward I'm couldn't fault the two women I'm had, thank you.

I was left home just after half one the following day just in time for Xmas eve to spend with my morgan and adalynn.
What an amazing gift it truly has been the best Christmas of my life I feel so much love to be a mother to two beautiful girls...

Christmas eve we baked cookies and little the fire and just enjoyed our self's it was truly amazing...

Wow what a long post....hope you enjoy reading so sorry so long....typical women we get carried away.

So I can't truly wait to get back to outfit post but my blog will change it will be about me my life and fashion...I don't blog for anything but myself cause I enjoy it 

I hope ye can follow me on my next journey on how to jungle life of a mum of two (have to get used to that) and all other bits of my life

Thanks for reading 

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Hey you must of ye know now ive let my secret out on my social media, im pregnant (yaaay)

Keeping this a secret as most women do till the get to there 12 week scan can be so hard, I think its the fact you just want to make sure everything is ok with baby.
I was over the moon when I could finally come out and share this with all you guys.

When I was pregnant on my little girl five years ago I didnt enjoy it atal tbh, so for me now been that litle bit older more mature im very much enjoying my growig belly and instead of worrien about my weight im enjoying the fact ive a little blesing inside me.

My body is changing my boobs have gone massive as they do, I wake up 3 to 4 times a night to go toilet, my appetite has totally changed but everythig going on with my body im just so excited for it all...
thats my little blessing.....

Im going to keep everyone dated and any other women that are pregnant would love to hear from ye, love hearing tips as I feel im all new to this as it has been 5 years...

please come with me as ill document my journey on this pregnancy and will be still dressing to impress just cause your pregnant you can still rock clothes, also I will be sharing what work outs can be done while pregnant I wasnt aloud to workout really till I was over 12 weeks but now im going to do just a little and see how I get on...

check out my social media
snapchat:  MELZ_BLOGLIFE

just wanna thank every single person who follows me and went out of your way to send such nice comments....
till next time 


Sunday, 20 March 2016

All shapes and sizes

So any one following me awhile , along time ago I did a blog on all shapes and size but my old account was hacked and had to start a new one so that blog is now gone.

As a lot of ye know I work in retail and have done for many years...
Working in retail can be very difficult at times as in some times you feel you need two of you at once to help customers etc...

But what I love and what has kept me in retail for so many years is the love of style i have, and seen other people's style come in and out of work...

Recently I've noticed so many  girls and women been very out spoken about how they feel about there body's...

I'm to thin for this I'm to fat for that
I need to loose this here and there
(As we all do)
I'm a girl we all do this but it has come to my attention that its absolutely absurd how many of us criticize our own body and how we look...

I see women of all ages look into the mirror and don't see what I see, instead they seem to put them self's down.
When I see how beautiful they are  they see what they don't like
Now come on we all do this...but I feel I'm seen it so much now a days, that its opening my eyes a lot more and keep thinking about it.

We all have bad days where we feel awful or those amazing days where we think we are amazing, its just a girl thing
But if I can change at least one girl/womens  view on how she looks before she leaves my job or what ever she is trying on.
Not just to sell something to a person fot the sake of it but for that person to feel (yes i do look good in this)

I love helping people I love seen women come in and trying on clothes and walking out feeling that bit better about them self's
It really makes me smile

I dealt with one woman recently. Just after haven a baby she look amazing... She was trying on a few different things, as all mummy's know after haven a baby and trying to loose that baby weight can be tough...
Any ways this lady looked really good after three months
What she said to me while trying on clothes has stuck with me...
She said " this is my body I'm not going to change, this is it so I've to work with it" 
She didn't no what I was thinking when she said this...but in my head she wasn't putting her self down she was owning her shape  owning how she looked and you no what ladies she came across to me as a confident women a beautiful women she has learned to like her for her...even after haven her baby she was so positive and it was amazing to see tbh

We all want to be this and that...
We need to learn to love our selfs...
In power one another give some one a simple little compliment.

Just a nice thing to say to some one can really perk them up, I no cause I see it all the time in work

So if ye do anything today 
Try love you and know you are gorgeous 
Whatever size or shape๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Style for Christmas 

☆Hi you guys☆

Merry Christmas 

So as it's definitely now the party season that crazy rush to get your perfect Christmas night out dress is on the cards.
And do I have some absolutely stunning ladies and guys to show you what they have picked.
And also your getting to see what there dresses look like on.
So keep on reading and enjoy looking at gorgeous real woman and men on ideas what to wear for this Christmas season 


This gorgeous lady in red is owning this long red dress from NEWLOOK
She added this fur shawl for that amazing Hollywood look 
And I'm loving it 

Hello hello beautiful lady 
How amazing is this low cut dress on this gorgeous woman 
Dress is from OHPOLLY 
and Amy matched this dress with classy shoes from PENNYS/PRIMARK

This lady never gets it wrong 
killing it in her PINK BOUTIQUE dress 
going with soft curls and that gorgeous red lip we love 

no words for this guy he absolutely ticked all the rite boxes with this outfit 
definitely maken an impression 
From ASOS 

This hottie got is so right in this little number 
dress from RIVER ISLAND 
sparkle the night away girl 
she added a long chain and pinned those locks up 

I've no full length picture of the gorgeous woman but let me tell you this long length dress is just outstanding and just perfect for the Christmas season 
this is What the dress looks like on the right
dress from NEWLOOK

how funky is this guy looking always changen it up 
adding a chain and funky coloured socks 
absolutely loved this look 

when this lady walked in she really made an entrance 
This stand out mini black dress was literally outstanding 
adding a perfect sleek high pony tail 
what can I say๐Ÿ‘Œ

how stunning is this lady in her gold dress 
dress from WAREHOUSE 
loved it on her 
AGGIE also was owning her look with a black skirt with a white top tucked in adding a oversized chain 

How stunning is this sparkly dress 
definitely Christmas material 
stand out in this dress from

Catch your eye sparkle dress.
owning it meabh 
this dress is from BERSHKA 
also jumpsuits are just perfect for the party season  
Isn't this lady rocking it 

now I do not no where she got her dress but I had to post her
Simply perfect girl 
you got it so right๐Ÿ‘Œ

and of course had to post my absolutely outstanding sister 
she killed it as always 
no words 
this dress was got online and will post where when  I find out but still had to post this 

And last but not least 
my dress is from OHPOLLY 
and I absolutely loved it 
so comfortable 
I definitely recommend 

well there you have it you guys
Hope you enjoyed reading.
all these guys I posted are all different but every single one looks absolutely amazing 
have a great time shopping for Christmas  outfits 
hope this helped 

love melanies_bloglife_

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My birthday weekend 

Well hello there
I wanted to blog my weekend 
As I celebrated my birthday today I really had an fantastic weekend.

Also we have finally reached November ♡♡♡

So here we go My weekend started off on Thursday as I had booked few days off work 
I attended an amazing coffee morning event hosted by the absolutely gorgeous inside out MISS LIMERICK 
it was a great morning for the kids 
I went with two friends and there kids and they all enjoyed it so much from story telling to magician to dancing and a great raffle to end a great morning 
well done NOLLAIG 
I hope a lot was raised for the great cause 

I went to the fantastic copper rooms in limerick 
with a few Friends for a birthday drink
If you have never been I would say put it on your to do list as a place to go with friends or a partner 
it's candle lit vibe is absolutely stunning
The wine is truly outstanding and there little bites to eat are just perfect to compliment there wine 

What I wore
All from primark/pennys
Top €13
(Also available in other colours)
Jeans €9
Over knee boots €28
belt €3

I also headed out with other friends for a few drinks 

my little princess dressed up a scary rag doll
It was a great night trick or treating 
all the kids looked absolutely fantastic 

How scary did my morgy moo look

we all headed out for dinner to the lovely HAMPTONS 
the food there is gorgeous and the staff where so nice and couldn't help us more and made our dinner very welcoming 
At the end when the desert came out mine came with a candle and all the staff singing happy birthday they also took our picture and printed it off with in minutes absolutely great idea.
skirt is from RIVER ISLAND €37
Shoes from primark/pennys old stock 
top €13
My tan of course is stmoritz 

I was absolutely spoiled for my birthday 
as my birthday was yesterday I took my daughter to the cinema 
and came home to a home cooked birthday meal with a gorgeous chocolate cake that Morgan was only to excited to eat

I got a gorgeous make up dresser and mirror for my birthday but not here till next week so will definitely post where it's from and price
Thanks to all who came and met me over the weekend 
all family and friends ye where so good to me
That was the nicest thing to spend the weekend with the ones I truly love 
thank you

To a good friend who lives in dubai and meeting you over my weekend was great 
also thanks for lunch
See you soon
Here is a few pics of what I got upto 
I hope you enjoyed reading my weekend as much as I enjoyed it to

Thanks for reading